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PDF WebServSOM: A Prototype System for Facilitating Semantic-based Web Service Discovery (Yousub Hwang).4471-4482. Presumption for Appearance of Mosquito Noise (Kanae Taniguchi).1315-1324. On the Provisioning of Guaranteed QoS in a Converged ONU-BS with Self-Similar Traffic Input and Low-Latency Queueing Discipline (Brownson Obaridoa Obele, Minho Kang, Mohsin Iftikhar, Mansour Zuair and Albert Zomaya).3069-3096. PDF Discovery of New Technology Opportunities through Observing R D Topographical Map using Bibliometric Database : Case of Transparent Electrode Material Technology (Hyunsang Chung, Ildoo Chung and Jongseok Kang).2033-2038. PDF An Adaptive Algorithm Using Harris Corner and Differential Filter For Inspection of Pressure Marks on LCD Panel (Chang-Suk Cho).4543-4550. Trajectory Planning and Experiment Research of Spherical 5R Parallel Manipulator (Yong Quan Li, Li Jie Zhang, Zhi Min Guo and Fei Guo).4027-4034. Associated Factors which Influence Satisfaction of Students on Web-based University Courses using a Structural Equation Model (Suk-Yeol Lee and Ho-Seub Lee).5211-5218. PDF Design and Evaluation of Self-organizing Scheduling Mechanism Adaptive To Traffic Load for Wireless Networks (Yoshiaki Taniguchi and Kyohei Inoue).2503-2512. Tahidul Islam and Insoo Koo).8457-8462.

Decoherence and Dissapation in a Double Quantum Dot (Satoshi Nakamura). PDF Medicine and Life Sciences Sasang Constitution Taeeumin Classification System Using Pitch Analysis (Bonghyun Kim and Sangyoung Oh).5155-5160. PDF Implementation of QCA Shift Register with High Space Efficiency Based on Planar Structure (Jin-Seong Lee and Jun-Cheol Jeon).8075-8082. PDF Factors Associated with Life Satisfaction among Workers with Disabilities (Young Kwang Lee and Eun Gu Ji).5813-5818. Management and Social Sciences Consumer Acceptance of Mobile Advertising: Focus on Mobile Users in South Korea and Russia (Seunggweon Kim and Jongsoo Yoon).23-34. Security Requirements for Certificate Application in Web (Hee Bong Choi, Yong Dae Kim, Sang Yun Han, Hyuk Joong Yoon and Sang Woo Park).957-964. PDF Deployment issues for the Internet of Things: A Survey (Nojeong Heo).1313-1324. PDF The Effects of the Doula Touch Delivery of Kim Gum Jung with the Participation of the Spouse on Married Couple Attachment, State Anxiety, and the Perception of Birth Experience (Gum Jung Kim).5567-5576. Bayesian based Admission Control (BAC) Policy for Distributed Video-on -Demand System (Sami Saleh Alwakeel, Hesham Abdulaziz Altwaijry and Muhammad Ammad-udDin).3603-3610. Minimizing Interference in Wireless Mesh Networks Using Multi Channel and Multi Radio (Mohammad Siraj).7611-7624.

Vol.17,.6(A June, 2014 Mathematical and Natural Sciences Multiband Image Segmentation by using Enhanced Estimation of Centroid (eeoc) (V. PDF Implementation of the Bandpass Filter Using the Tapped-line Geometry and the Bow-tie Resonator (Tae-Soon Yun).3857-3862. PDF Neo-Endogenous Model for Rural Transformation and Social Business Development (Jalaluddin Abdul Malek and Mohd Azuhari Che Mat).1725-1732. PDF Eucalyptus - Ultrasonic Wave Massage to Treat Pain, Anxiety and Sleep Patterns in Elderly with Chronic Lower Back Pain (Heakyung Moon).8555-8562. PDF Study on Energy Changes During Korean Vocalization of English Natives (Kwang-Bock You, Myung-Jin Bae).3913-3918. The Beamforming Design for Optimal Outage Probability of Analog Network Coding with Multi-Antenna Relay Channel (Rui Wang, Chen Chen, Da Wang and Haige Xiang).59-66. A Novel Stealth Design Method for X-band Microstrip Vivaldi Antenna (XiaoXiang HE, Teng chen and Xin wang).5447-5454. PDF Radius Based Block LBP for Facial Expression Recognition (Abdul Aziz K Abdul Hamid and Md Jan Nordin).4197-4202. PDF Proposals for the Threshold Volume for the Application of Safeguard Measures of an East Asia FTA (Shim, Chong Seok and Ho Kim).4883-4888. PDF Effects of Aging on Vibrotactile Stimulus Counting Abilities (Yang Liu, Qiong Wu, Jiajia Yang, Satoshi Takahashi, Yoshimichi Ejima and Jinglong Wu).2071-2086.

PDF The Effect of Ethical Leadership on Organizational Performances (Yun Ji Moon).2241-2246. PDF Competencies of Early Childhood Teacher Perceived by the Principals of Kindergartens and the Adjunct Principals of Affiliated Kindergartens (Minjung Kang, Kungchul Kim and Bookyung, Cho).1985-1996. PDF Development of a Co-creation Model for the Social Problem Resolution (Soon Goo Hong, Hyun Jong Kim and Na Rang Kim).3395-3400. PDF Development of a System for Recognition and Correction of Automotive Tire Information with a Kinect Camera (Gyu-Hyun Kim, Jong-Wook Jang).525-530. A Fine-grained Analysis and asip Design Strategy for Specific Algorithm (Jinbin Ju and Qian Chen).3031-3038. PDF Traffic Measure with Moving Vehicle Method Using Two cctvs (Seong-Yoon Shin and Yang-Won Rhee).3141-3146.

O?fDonnell) Parallel Mining of Association Rules in Multi-stream Time Series Data (Biplab Kumer Sarker, Toshiya Hirata and Kuniaki Uehara) Reliability Modeling and Evaluation for Wide-Area Distributed System (Yuan-Shun Dai) Parallel Algorithms for the Degree-Constrained Minimum Spanning Tree Problem Using Nearest-Neighbor Chains and the Heap-Traversal Technique. PDF Lessons from Taiwan's Revised Immigration Law for Marriage Migrants (MyungHee Kim).1251-1258. Jung and Heon. Fs Decision Making (Heun Dong Park, Haneul Kim, Junghoon Moon and Young Chan Choe).3049-3062. PDF Going Back to the Basic of Financial Innovations: Learning from Japan's Bubble Economy (GAO Wen).3459-3466. PDF A Study on the Awareness of Teachers on the Actual Condition of the Specialized Vocational High Schools (svhs) in Korea (Ju-Young Hwang, Young-Il Jang, Wan-Shin Park and Won-Sik Choi).3253-3258.


Privacy-enhanced Social Network Service(SNS) (Hanjae Jeong, Changbin Lee, Jin Kwak, Changyoung Kwon, Seungjoo Kim and Dongho Won).6905-6920. PDF An Economic Feasibility Study on the Research Infrastructure Project of the WiBro-Adv. Vladimir Hahanov and Prof. Natural Image Feathering Using Referenced Depth Image Filter (Yujie Li, Huimin Lu, Shiyuan Yang and Seiichi Serikawa).515-522. Optimizing Two-Stage Fuzzy Multi-Product Multi-Period Production Planning Problem (Xueqin Feng and Guoqiang Yuan).1879-1894. Study on Global Robust Stability of Uncertain Stochastic Neutral-type Neural Networks with Distributed Delays (Guoquan Liu and Simon.Yang).4399-4404. PDF Analysis of the Difference in Parenting Stress and Parent-Children Communication According to the General Characteristics of Parents and Children in 00 City, Gyeongsangnam-do (Geun-hye Jeon and Sung-Je Cho).2725-2730. PDF An International Comparison on Operational Efficiency of Terrestrial TV Operators Using Bootstrapped DEA and Tobit Regression (Yonghee Kim, Jeongil Choi and Youn Sung Kim).2667-2672. PDF Comprehensive Assessment of a Higher Education Institution Teacher's Intellectual Capital (Budovich Lidia Sergeevna and Nadtochy Yuliya Borisovna).1971-1988. FIntention to Introduce Web.0 Services (Shiue-Lung Yang, Heng-Li Yang).4029-4044.

PDF Co-creation and Reform of State Owned Enterprise A Case Study about President Hahm's Co-creation Driven Leadership at Kangwon Land Casino and Resort (Seong Bae Lim and Soon-Goo Hong).5057-5064. PDF A Study on the Analysis of Factors Affecting the Performance of Funds in Korea? PDF Vol.19,.10(A October, 2016 cover PDF Management and Social Sciences Characterizing Carbon Dioxide Emission Patterns in Korea, China, and Japan (Hyun-Jae Rhee).4305-4312. PDF The Effective of Group Art Programs on the Self-esteem and School Adjustment Levels in Girl's High School Students of Korea (Eun-Mi Shin and Yun-Jeong Kim).4909-4920. Cooperative Formation Control for Swarm of Micro UAVs to Establish Positionless Aerial Communication Relays (Kiwon Yeom).1473-1478.

PDF Application of Network Analysis into Emergency Response: Focusing on the 2015 Outbreak of the Middle-Eastern Respiratory Syndrome in Korea (Jungbu Kim, Jung-Kyu Jung, Jae-Hyuk Cha, Jae Young Choi, Chan Choi and Seong Soo Oh).441-446. PDF An Analysis of the Impact of Process Variations on the Performance of C-Element Structures Implemented in Bulk cmos and SOI Technologies (Ziyad Ahmed Al Tarawneh and Saif. PDF Vehicle Identification Using Ratio from Canny Edge Detection (Jae-Gab Choi, Seong-Yoon Shin).573-578. PDF Vol.20,.5(A May, 2017 cover PDF Management and Social Sciences The Relationship among Self-Efficacy, Teaching Presence, Learning Presence, Learner-Instructor Interaction, Satisfaction, and Recommendation Intention in South Korea (Haengnam Sung, Dae-Yul Jeong and Jae-Ik Shin).3029-3036. PDF The Factors that Determine Startup Intentions among Korean Youth (Sungeun Cho and Young-Min Lee).7667-7676. Analysis of Vehicle Mobility Patterns using VanetMobiSim for Inter-Vehicle Communication Networks (Min-Woo Ryu, Si-Ho Cha and Kuk-Hyun Cho).2311-2318. Efficient Load Shedding for Join Aggregate Queries in Data Stream Processing (Hyeon Gyu Kim).5567-5576.

Cross-Layer Design for Adaptive Beaconing Scheme in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (Jhihoon Joo and Dong Seog Han).2387-2400. PDF Shadow Indexing Scheme Using Hybrid Memory for Column-Based Datawarehouses (Siwoo Byun).8125-8132. Fuzzy Availability Theory and its Applications to Fuzzy Repairable Series System (Ying Liu and Xiaozhong Li).995-1002. PDF Recent trends and Cost Effective Solution for Optical Fiber Daylighting Technology (Ngoc Hai Vu and Seoyong Shin).837-848. PDF Disabilities in Pakistan's R D Sector: Knowledge Management Capability (Zeeshan Asim, Surriyya Sarwat, Shahryar Sorooshian and Muhammad Shahid Ahmad).7209-7216. PDF Study on the Factors Influencing of Nurses' Turnover Intention (Bong-Sil Choi, Hae-Kyung Jang and Jung-Suk Kim).2991-2998.

PDF A Study for Integrated Strategic Use of Nonmarket CSR Strategies (Jae Wook Yoo).1585-1590. El-Maghrabi) An Assessment of the Parallel Preconditioners for the Large Symmetric Generalized Eigenvalue Problems by CG-type Methods (Sangback Ma and Ho-Jong Jang) Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Designing DNA Codewords (Rui Zhang, Qiang Zhang and Bin Wang) On the Properties of Equilibrium Chance and. PDF Structural Performance of Connection between Steel Coupling Beam and Pseudo Strain-Hardening Cementitious Composites (PSH2C) Wall (Wan-Shin Park, Sun-Woong Kim, Nam-Young Eom, Yong-Il Jang and Hyun-Do).283-290. Analysis of Concrete Slab Surface Cracks Using ART2-based Hybrid Neural Network (Kwang-Baek Kim, Am Suk Oh and Gyeongyong Heo).777-782. Agriculture and Engineering A Higher Order Contextual Texture Descriptor for Image Retrieval Using Generalized Texton Co-occurrence Matrix (Qingyong Li and Zhiping Shi).155-174. Index Creation Method of Codebook for Self-Reference Super-Resolution (Takaharu Kouda).131-136.

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PDF The Variability of Sales Promotion Spending and its Financial Factors (Seungah Song, Jeong-Ho Koo and Tae-Young Paik).2661-2666. A Personalized Booth Recommendation using Bayesian Networks in Ubiquitous Exhibition (Il Young Choi, Hyea Kyeong Kim and Jae Kyeong Kim).2973-2990. PDF A Safe Distance of Prey for Avoiding Pursuit of Predator (Jae Moon Lee and Kitae Hwang).3381-3386. An Adaptive Superframe Structure for LR-wpan (Heedong Park, Dohyeun Kim and Jinmook Kim).2099-2110. PDF Impact Analysis of Radioactive Contamination in Aquaculture (Yong Gyu Jung, Min Soo Kang and Kyoung Hak Lee).1391-1396. PDF Relation of the Squirm Exercise-effect on the Techniques: Anterior Flow Index and Posterior Flow Index (Jeong-lae Kim and Hyun-woo Jeong).4049-4054. Health status and sexual behavior of long-distance-truck drivers in Kunming, China (Guoxi CAI, Yongjun YAN, Qionghua WU, Jun sexiga underkläder herr svenska hemmagjorda porrfilmer kang, Bo zhang, Zhuo zhang and Keming ROU).5241-5246. Multi-faults Classification of Gear System Based on Combining Wavelet Packet Transform with Support Vector Machine (Renping Shao, Xinna Huang and Wentao Hu).4667-4676. Vol.14,.5, May, 2011 A Special Issue on Reliable and Autonomous Computational Science (Guest Editors: Prof. Khalil, Muhammad Imran Razzak, Muhammad Khurram Khan).3313-3324.